Best Web Hosting Company In Kolkata

Best Web Hosting Company In Kolkata.

Many of you want to get to know what are those best Web hosting company in Kolkata that provides generous service with high-end quality support.

Before rectifying we have to identify what sorts of hosting do meet your requirements and many of us misinterpreted that’s why we made the wrong decisions for taking that kind of hosting what had relatively maybe not needed.

Rank Cage has helped so many newbie’s bloggers and internet marketer to get their best hosting.

Often we overlooked the service quality and sustainability rather than evaluating only the price factors, but there were a lot of hosting companies under the normal budgets giving identical web service.

Let’s have a quick look at what kind of hosting packages do your organizations demand here we have evaluated packages that vary from most cheap to higher in price.


If you would in a hasten and want the quick looks, then the best are top list below.

Best Web hosting company in Kolkata.



If you want to start your blogs or want to host a mild site with no worry you could go by with them, A2 hosting is a just value for money.

Their support and quality service is much better than others and has a significant strength; their server’s response time has been much better since their one data-based entry into Singapore.



SiteGround hosting

SiteGround is the best solution (WordPress recommended) for minor to intermediate level business website hosting and for those who run a single hands WordPress website and care more about speeding more than their web hosting expenditures no matter then SiteGround are only solutions for them.



inmotion hosting

As we have taken the inmotion hosting into our 3rd quick looks row because many of our Kolkata based company selling their services into the US or individual running their Amazon US affiliate marketing blogs which beneficial for speeds or response and money ratios, inmotion hosting one of American best dwelling company which had server response time faster than any others hosting company.



bluehost hosting

Bluehost one of the also top priority given from WordPress community and itself by official WordPress company even top-level Indian bloggers like shoutmeloud and many more recommended, Bluehost giving its service since 1996, and only recommended on entry-level bloggers and marketers those had no backgrounds of running any sites and the all in one resource hosting company providing all solutions like free domains that’s why you no need to funk more to run or assembling a normal WordPress based blogs.  

Before getting to furthers for raw decisions making about to best Web Hosting, let me break it down and set some standards where we will compare each other’s and eventually show you what hosting befitting your suits.

  • Speed-

Speed one of the most essentials parts of web hosting and loving mostly those sites which had a robust speed and responded time under ms200

I would recommend most to my audience make it sure should have loading time under 200ms

A slow loading speed in sites prone to lose hounded of sales if not millions.  

In this review, I only light up and empower those sites that are top-notch in speeds.

  • Price-

Price is also one crucial factor that varies whether a company should be worth to choose as per your purpose.

Reasonable price tags with optimal service quality were the only way to touch the audience benchmarks that’s why I will show you which hosting is worth your money.

  • Uptime-

Uptime is a serious factor that could make or break your site’s future and portray a picture useless if it was compulsively off from internet users.

Uptime that should not be avoidable keeps under vision from early on because you are taking the host of an aslant company with reasonable price can be ultimately dreadful.


  • Quality of a customer’s service –

By the age of 23, ever since I have been into blogging till now, I did not have ever met any single person who did not need customers’ help, even veteran bloggers and seasoned developers. They have to talk anyway of chummy problems to sort out such critical errors.  

That’s why I kept it under strong surveillance and many deliberately avoided the respects.

Based on A good level of track records we will show you which hosting you required.


  • Security-

Not maybe none of the above more impotence than this security, I might be more typo for website security maybe also you did not want to leave your site keep as unsafe for spending a few additional bucks to create a hardcore firewall that protects brute and piracy attacks.


  • Response time to targeted countries-

This tone we took as reasons we don’t seek to let you fall into the trap of guesswork, that’s why we examine particular sites loading time on the certain regions from certain continents using one tool,  Often few sites loading time usually be deviations as visualized with each hosting response time on its response time sections.

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If you are just wondering to start your web sites or a medium level blog, then I will highly recommend you to use this hosting to get the best out of it.

One of the well-known US-based companies which provide hosting with very much optimum quality, they have all kinds of solutions for all levels of internet nomad and bloggers.

Their user interface and usability caught my attention after visiting their site and most easy to use for the newbie as I think so.

They are consistently putting their best stake to bring an optimum quality service for all website owners.

  • Price-Starting at $2.99/month.
  • Speed-10/10
  • Supports-4/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations- North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Response time I independently used one tool to try to substantiate the exact response time from different oversee locations and the truths that’s what I will sync in here.

a2hosting speed


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If you did not know what SiteGround is, then let me tell me SiteGround most so-called hosting brands capable of handling any kind of traffic loads with maximum speed using Google clouds server that’s ensured website owners of no speed fluctuations.

In today’s list, if anyone would have existed for competing with other top-level hosting providers like kinsta, WPengien, cloudhost that name obviously will be SiteGround.

Officials WordPress sites itself suggest using sitegrounds hosting as for your WordPress sites.

Not just suggested by WordPress but also the world’s topmost bloggers and website owners like, shoutmeloud, BLOGGINGJOY, BloggersPassion, BLOGGINGLIFT, BLOGGINGSPARK, SIMPLEFACTSONLINE they mostly recommend this brand.

Now let’s focus on why SiteGround majorly suggested following these brands.

SiteGround has been into the markets since 2004 and compared to other major brands they entered on markets lately but as compared to those same level of other providers can’t make a stronger dent as siteground put on.

Their speed is just crazy when it comes to response timing from any vicinity around the world.      

  • Price- starting at just$3.95/mo.
  • Speed-9/10
  • Supports-5/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations- U.S.A, U.K, NETHERLANDS, SINGAPORE.
  • Response time- As you can see below the response timing those 10 separates places a little varies

siteground speed

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The hosting I preferred to use those sites which are US-based or giving any services even running any Amazon affiliate marketing blogs towards the US, none of any hosting providers still able to compete with their resonance support and budgets either.

Majorly was not aware of or avoided their hosting but we checked their hosting speed with our independent’s server speed testing tool, they were valued for money from every end. 

  • Price- $6.99/month (free domain)
  • Speed-9/10
  • Supports-4/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations- America (only data centre)
  • Response time- Having their one of US-based data centre in spite, their one alone data centre capable of providing across the worlds smoother data transitions by same speeds is just fastidious and insane.

inmotion hosting speed


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One of the oldest and experienced hosting providers ever existed in the market since 1996.

They had topmost hosting plans in which all in one hosting solution needs that’s what you expected for your ventures.

moreover, Each plan equipped with a free domain name and SSL, ONE CLICK Word press, daily backups, and other than that SSD server which could have taken as a factor above all in high-speed loading time your site.

I recommend you if you are owners from any small business, want to have your small area based sites and want to kick off your small blogs there is no substitute than Bluehost with a free domain name and adequate facility they provide with each of their packs. 

  • Price- $3.95/ months (free domain)
  • Speed 8/10
  • Supports3.5/5
  • Uptime9.9/10
  • Server locations
  • Response time-The heads-up that below portraying the speed track records from Bluehost was not pretty much well all around the world except the US, here also two locations have been missed from the charts because of some unknown reasons that were Canada, Germany, If you had decided to go with an optimum quality hosting under normal price and should keep the speed of accessing time from the US under 100ms then Bluehost has been valued for money.

bluehost speed


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Green geek also the numbers 5 contestants on today lists why because they are very prevalent out of the Asian regions frankly they are well mannered when it comes to speed managements with providing all the livelihoods like free migrations, free domain, free SSL, and top of that 30 days money back granites.

Green geeks hosting value for money to those has been handling business purposes websites or blogs with optimum quality traffics from across the worlds which as is value for money for them. 

their supporting team have been presented like a worrier 24/7 which is what majorly expected from big company owners to handle any such errors to be solved within a minute.    

  • Price- $2.95/month (free domain)
  • Speed- 10/10
  • Supports-5/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations-Chicago-US, Phoenix-US, Montreal-CA, Amsterdam-NL.
  • Response timeI can’t wait to recommend you if you being an owner of little company or any establishments which giving services all across the globe and Indian regions to pick up this kind of hosting at any way why because of their supporting team’s handling all major to minor issues with very much care and don’t let your sites faced stained before it will get wiped out. 

greengeek hosting speed

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HostGator hosting is also very popular in newbie bloggers and internet marketers perspective, you may never hear of the name or is just a simple echo regarding this hosting but I wanted to say HostGator is as much popular as Bluehost.

US Hostgator and Indian Hostgator both have been completely separated while Indian Hostgator marked and refereed one of the awful quality, on the other hand, the US Hostgator insistently catch as for its response times and service quality.


US HostGator’s had not been so prevalent in Indian subcontinents without making a claim. Let me show you a caveat of how much faster it was.

To know let focus response sections where I elaborated a strong voice and how much it had contained the ability to load any sites.

Unlike other hosting providers, US HostGator’s kind of unties from Indian hosting users’ minds but what kind of users can use them till the date everyone wants to nominate for their website and blogs under cheap and 99.9% uptime include hosting with high-speed loadings time.   

  • Price- $2.75/month (free domain)
  • Speed- 10/10
  • Supports-5/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations-North America,Europe,Asia,Australia.
  • Response time- You can have to peer it out here below the pictures way out just what makes you amazed can’t expect from the US HostGator mainly the loadings time aspects across different vicinity the worst it even yielding under 1ms successive loads To Bangalore it up to 61ms able to load your site, There is not much variety about the loading times from different areas.

hostgator speed

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ResellerClub is just being a topmost priority when it comes to speed and pricing aspects I mainly do not expect to pick up their hosting plans by any internet marketers rather single-authored bloggers and small affiliate marketers can go without even worries.

There is a lot of better facility supports by ResellerClub that I found missing on other renowned companies and ResellerClub equity was based upon their supports quality. That’s helped them to stay forefront among these mob.

They provide very much contentment like speed, free SSL, free domain, one-click install WordPress and ultimate supporting quality.

What I want you to get is their WordPress hosting which can easily correlate with your basic needs like WordPress hosting and able to handle initial traffic loads. 

  • Price- $2.49/month.
  • Speed- 10/10
  • Supports –4/5
  • Uptime-9.9/10
  • Server locations United Kingdom, Turkey, and India & Hong Kong.
  • Response time-their response time as a cheap hosting not much fluctuated with top-level of hosting providers as because they have multiple data centre across the globe which make the response time stable, as you can see below the data transactions are having speeders compare to the same level of cheap hosting.

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Shared Hosting-

We considered shared hosting one of the most ever cheap hostings from the rack than the rest of the hosting family members.

As owing to it, allows multiple users to use the same server while they want to host their sites. 


  • Most recommended-Newbie bloggers and novice internet marketers who want to keep their tiny presence into internet fields and have a little to no traffics or monthly 5000 above traffic this kind of hosting smoothly can pull up that load, What if you don’t want a wicked, angry audience maintaining no sites other than this kind of hosting best for you?


WordPress Hosting-

if you would have pre-determined that you will host your site into WordPress, then better have to go with WordPress hosting plans.

That’s why many companies build ultimate WordPress hosting plans which were clearly designed for and had the ability to maintain WordPress sites with a heavy traffic load.  


  • Most recommended-I personally recommended WordPress hosting towards everyone starting to an expert level blogger or website owners, Except, those who are looking for an extensive variety of features and many thick high-end environments also have technical knowledge of using such platforms like Joomla , Drupal and many more.


Cloud Hosting-

Using cloud hosting could ease up your tensions because there is no possibility to crash or get down your site or blogs in any situations because there are several server protocols presents if one would stagger other servers are ready for reviving and pulling your sites ahead.


  • Most recommended-I highly recommend cloudhosting to those website owners which have been using it for commercial purposes, even selling any high-end service onto native lands or overseas areas around a small audience base.   


VPS Hosting-

VPS hosting is effective can handle those sites and blogs which is in latent of not spiked frequently traffics loads often may any reasons hiked the traffics loads or inveterately wind up a large amount traffics for any reasons then you need this kind of hosting can easily handle traffics loads.


  • Most recommendedif you are running any websites or coupons blogs which particularly sell any exclusive profuse stuff or services that’s what is making the influx in traffic to avoid your sites get down by heavy loads best to use VPS hosting.  


Dedicated Server-

Dedicated servers itself the name severing up dedications onto the server which was not any chance of fumbled up your sites by chance any high traffics nor brake down from high rise traffics flow.  


A dedicated server had always under an individual in chargers that’s why it had had so well managed with combined ample allocations of resources by hosting providers and could be able to appear how much server it’s feeding for host the entire traffics relatively which resources in lack often so that they make fix it before any serious errors.


  • Most recommended-I would majorly recommend this kind of hosting only for Ecommerce website owners and having the ability to earn millions of page views per month, An entry-level or intermediate level blogger, even internet marketers, are not favourable to this kind of hosting package and their price is higher than any other packages.

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Hi, I'm Indranil the founder of Rankcage. on 2016 everything gotta sparked when I have had heard something called the internet where there the journey began. I have helped so many native bloggers who were facing with their blog 0 to nothing traffic by guidance and exact strategic I was to empower them to a fluff of traffic.

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    According to my opinion & beliefs A2-hosting, siteGround, InMotion, bluehost and HostGator are the best hosting to use.

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