Best Way To Design A Blog: WordPress Design secret.

Can you Design A Blog that everyone loves to read and could ultimate hook your readers’ attention to come in a countless time?

An enticing blog design makes others want to vomit, what makes you inspired.

Those who were likely to have maintained about the state OF elegance, pretty cleaned and minimalistic design they have seen the extensive growths of the peak in their blogs.

But in designing aspect the majority of them was failed to get their audience attention in first sight, despite they having had million dollars of worth content in their blog.

Research has shown us a embellish design triggers in the audience an emotional agitation that they come to read and spent time with the blog for a longer span of time, and a manic to coming intermittently of seeing any up-to-date post.

Before we further proceeding be ensure that you have a self-hosted blog in WordPress, you did not have one then, take a look at how to build your blog.

If you are worried to be built one right like then let’s jump without any intriguing.


How To Design A Blog or site.

Apart from you need to choose a blogging platform for design a blog, because at this stage most of the bloggers did the same mistake over and over again as they go with any unuseful platform that was not suited for them and later they gritted their teeth. 

because they did the mistake as aftermath they have been less opportunity to nurturing for more flexibility and tender, as for they failed to compensate any lavish modifications with their blog.

I recommend you go with always WordPress why because it has exhilarating features which have been currently sharing the 35% of the total numbers of the platform worldwide.

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Why you should choose WordPress.? 


  •  [Time manageents]  There are several people pick up this WordPress as for the reason it is better at time reminders managements also It has touch professionalism, why because it has many options like wp project managers and many more plug-in which allow you to manage the project and accomplished in before the deadline.
  •  [User-friendliness] most of us first hunt for this trait, because user-friendliness can impact your site greatly, on the other hand, which platform is very handy for usability aspects users always being favoured that kind of platform first.
  • [Flexibility] that said we were arguing above how you could rise your blog as formidable at any niche, you can shape different style and put any class of scares the way you want your blog should look like, by the help of many premium theme and page builder can turn your site at any level that you imagined.
  • [Best cms] It most used CMS (content management systems) with open sucrose platform, so a variety of people constellate in worldwide from different of races, that contributes it developed and made it more powerful therefore on the side so as users GRABBED it, preferred it to use it their daily go-to platform.

how to start a blog or site.

Starting a blog as seemed like you GET assign into your passions jobs on the first days you no need in any clamours of expertise to do technical activities,

1.1 Book your domain.

A domain that is the roof of your blogging home, why because without it just looks like an ugliest and nastiest of your home.

you can grab your domain name from GODADDY did not yet you come up with any significant domain name then try this tools to find your best persuasive catchy domain name.

if you are in a situation where you need a dedicated business website within it you want GET to maintain a blog then I will suggest you go with as per the brand name.

Pro-trips:  Also be sure that your domain name is suited and catchy don’t bother to lengthier a domain name which is hard for remembers from a user perspective and better to brainstorm and do research for your company and fetch something suitable and sensational.

In spite, you having any ineffective domain name which is not going to take you anywhere in this era because a brandable domain name will assist YOU to lift your ambitious WINGS on the air and help you to get a sigh wearily. As an example your-domain .com, your-domain.UK etc

1.2 Get your hosting.

Predominant self-hosted WordPress blog and website are powered by 3Rd party hosting company, I’m sure you feel confused about how you will buy hosting from any 3rd party sites, I’m here for you to help. 

 We basically recommend you go to any one of these three available hosting providers.

But as I personally recommend you to go with A2 hosting why because it has been a very reliable hosting provider since quite a few years now with several international awards they won.

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FAQ: Why you should choose A2 hosting over other hosting providers?

  • They offered SSD (solid-state drives) server with each of their plans in which it has been a great advantage of it can load 20X faster any web page than compare to any others company because Google has emphasized that a slow loading site could create the impact in terms of ranking and overall SEO.
  • It worth to buy their hosting package because since 2007 they had been powered by 100% renewable energy with the collaborations of carbonfund to offset the carbon footprints induction from this company and it stakes the commitments of total carbon-free from its ICELAND DATA CENTRE as being there climate is pretty frizzing.
  • It’s unparallel to get access the nearby data centre of any hosting in which has been hiding the secrets of any site speed that mattered a lot for a website to ranking, But A2 hosting having belong 5 data centre that has spared out around the globe which can host your site nearby to a data centre and that allows a site to open within a few Millie seconds, A2 hosting the assistant for any kind of calamity with your site and hosting related they promptly will come along to solve your issues also their four measures they keep in visions that loading time, developer tools,99.9% uptime, as well as the guru support at 24/7/365.

[STEP1] As an individual beginner, I will assist you to go with their lite plan because since the lite plan solely can handle your entire traffic load during kick-off, but if you are being an organizations owners than must go with turbo plan that is pre-defined to served with massive traffic as smoothly.



[Step 2] In there showing below 4 particular options.

  1. Register a new domain.
  2. Transfer your domain from another register.
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my name servers.
  4. Use a sub-domain from A2 hosting.

You could opt-in as per your requirements, better will go with the 3rd options to buy your domain from GoDaddy and point it out with A2 hosting.

Since GoDaddy domain more chipper compare to other than in markets as well as comprise your domain as buy from Namecheap because they are also similar to provide domain name on the cheap price.

After selecting and providing the domain name of yours into 3rd options lets get for the 3rd phase.

[Step3] Apart from after hovering from domain selections, you have to just make sure that every option as given below does going favour into your way, skimmed each option prudently for getting refrain from such error about to leading waste of your money.

Server locations- as a beginner perspective they took it very wrongly and blamed the company with hosting related problems.

but problem delving from, if you would have been hosted your blog file far beyond any data centre in return, that grinding with higher loading time of websites which definitely consider alarming for a blog owners that serious trait should be eliminated by opting in a nearby of your data centre to host your file that will serve you a quick response opening time.

A2 hosting utilizing their four data centre A-Arizona (us west coast), B-Michigan (us east coast), C-Amsterdam (Europe), D-Singapore (Asia/India) mainly keep in mind to host all along the data from around the globe to help their users integrate with their service.

Turbo boost– you should definitely ignore the entities as an individual’s bloggers as reasons a2 hosting claimed they are using SSD to host AND run any of user sites data 10 X faster and highly manoeuvrable in speed right like super fast. But while you having pre-settled vast fans base for your corporations which flagged that it needs to be go with swift web hosting or turbo web hosting plans you can consider to that, Despite if you were sighting it taken to longer to loading for opening any of your website pages then should be installed (CDN) content delivery networks to revamp your site speed 40X more.

LET’S ENCRYPT SSL certificates and dedicated IP-Google has signalized without a solid LET’S SSL(secure sockets layers) certificate your site can be ignored by search engine during ranking of your pages. From a search engine perspective without your site getting the proper SSL installations into your blog may have the potential of meddling users sensitive data like debit cards, secrets information’s and many more could be a vulnerability for misusing intentions or can be plunder of users funds even money by 3rd party users or hackers.

 If Lets SSL certificate is in place that provides a measure, as we assured the users safer from the serious threat from online worlds and could be travel without any worry on the internet.

A2 hosting always includes a free lets SSL certificate with each of their hosting plans that symbolize they are with you all the time and never compromise with users threat after you host your blog or any blog even your personal website you could into their severs simply install it.

Orders summary– After making ensure that everything goes right next to ascend for the final purchasing process through hit the continue and pay your subscriptions for one year or two years.

Additionally, select the plans- Plan selection depends upon for every one of you as if you would a beginner had been the budget into your favours a slightly then better to go with 2 years plan why.? Because the benefit you can save a huge amount of money during renew for 2nd years Because the first year they are giving ( 51% off) for first time users,

if you could extend 51% off period for one year to two years that could save yours $55 for next years.

Check out- during check out startlingly accompanied each following was right and if don’t I summarized below to check it for verifying.

1/3. Name– giving them the original name to be up-to-date for your billing process and such hosting related problems or any technical glitch also such helpline.

2. Email adders– that are leading cause for newbie bloggers in founds recants few cases, they provide the wrong email address, that it cannot be surprised out while you are hunting for as getting of hosting name server to integrate with. Domain but name server only was receivable into your rendering mail ID that creates problems.

4. Phone– put your most using phone numbers into that box and which has the benefit of it will notify you whenever it urgent.

5. Company name– the tricky part is if you are individual bloggers then turn your blog name as your company name, in factually if you are owners of a corporation pose that name in the box.

6/7. Street address- providing a significant address which you was felt suited.

8/9. Postcode/city- it is not that much of essential for buying but the company made it standard formalities to add in order to buy their package.

10/11. Country/ Vat number- the country is your identities as because it needs same of formalities to use their service, vat numbers are optional if you haveing had exerts any documents which you may showcase it on there.

12/13. Password- To bolster your hosting package from online threats password is essential so let provide a strong password that could make you forefront from hackers.

14/15. Question/answers– Having a Relevant Q/A firewall placed onto the frontal end of the opening in your A2 accounts, while anybody pushing up harder to open your accounts that’s when it could be keeping you some level of free. how it wants your prep question a right answer that established up by you a compounds answers and for a 3rd party users that is creating the difference and which defenestrated them from your accounts to getting in under control.

16. payments getaway–  A2 hosting providing 6 kinds of payments mode in case if you are prohibited to pay them through any one of the ways you can pick another way up which could make you possible to pay them the money.

What the customers saying about to A2 hosting is by far is the best choice for your business and personal blog also.

 1.2 Associate the hosting with the domain.

To integrate the hosting with the domain you seek here the name servers which was provided by mail in your prefer mail accounts as an example we taking the Gmail for granted to imply you how you can connect it with GoDaddy domain.

Open your Gmail and look for any mail from A2 hosting name server correlate it should look like THIS “”  “”

Then swiftly pick it up and open your GoDaddy accounts points like this way.

Open up your DNS managements and adhere the only name server in options, there were two separate boxes first one fill it with“” and the letter one

ns2” then cheek it whether it was settled in the right way.

Some of you may encounter the problems of that the first entered into “DOMAIN”sections now you seek to replace with another domain then open domain and hit the “ADDON DOMAIN” Within it you will come up with three options like 1.Domain name 2.Sub domain 3.Domain root directory.

Without Proper replications and setup, Newbie’s are takeover this wrongly, therefore, what I want you to get it seriously follow every portion as vitally with supervision.

  1. Domain name– writes there the domain name like
  2. Sub-domain– subdomain is not as essential as should handle it carefully but don’t think as it was futile for any respective domain.
  3. Domain root directoryBefore creating above the 2 files make sure you have an appropriate home or root directory into your hosting where you could place your blog files.

 If you don’t then try one to build because every blog within it has a pre entailed root directory, but if your package allows to more than multi hosted then you need to separate your root directory for every individual, that helps while you facing any respective blog-related issues you can get distinguished on that files for any suspicious.


1.3 Installs WordPress.

Without installing your beloved WordPress into hosting it was as if presenting a fillet fish. 

Let move forth to installing your WordPress into your hosting therefor you need to log in the Cpanel and it something looks like.

After your login for open your Cpanel it something like this on frontal end In order to install the WordPress you have to found the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER apparently it was being illustrated below.

When you will have commended to install, it will ask from you to fill some customs like passwords, language and advanced options where set up an overlap to backup frequentations.


The WordPress will be installing for embodied and served as a medium between you and your audience It minimum took 2 to 3 minutes to set up everything.

 1.4 Set up and put several essential outfits.

For a weirdo after making the sites they pulling it up the sites to supercruise without even knowing the suspensions of its powers.

Just like visual thinking when you did not have a clear image of your compound plans.

How do you sure and executes your task without having a brief glimpse of how it is going to work realistically.

If did not work you plan the way you strained, seemingly hereby the auxiliary elements only could be bolstered your mental capacity for planning super effective visuals thinking.

Same plans you should be deployed into your a2 hosting without having a funk of slow speeds what does it?

To truly take your site is like an intruder that could break through the speed calibre even minimum opening motions, that’s whats one love is to explore and share their love, you want to gain that love and respects you should definitely install the A2 optimizers which could make your blog weaker muscle stronger. 

After installing this make sure to enable the formation of the plug-in from disabling mode. To precisely in enjoy the all of tools tasked within one plug-in make every disable options do as enable.

What could be much better than this even could replaceable the WPROCKAET paid plug-in and there are many more It has remained into the list, let’s take a look in the image below?  

Whereas if you faced any technical glitch then this bang plug-in coming with directly WordPress dashboard simply you can control your speed, code, database, etc you could cope with. 


Along with that if you would be fonder of speed then here you have the elated so-called plug-in cloud flare that was not sure from me and my audience and you, the speed up plug-in could go with, let’s see how to install the Cloudflare.

some customer what said about A2HOSTING you can check below.


A premium theme Best way to Design A Blog.

Foremost elements are distinguished to design a blog 1.premium theme and boulders and these two approaches trying and testing and very convenient as considered not having any chance of sudden wonky.


A blog the main priorities gain when they having a beautiful with an attractive UI design standing with, if your measures are same to be hit a beautiful design then accompany the guideline below.

To beautify a blog there are several methodologies existing out there, but for a non-tech perspective that did not come up with ever any such designing with blogs, they would be faced the serious challenges to embellish a blog a premium theme could be a piece of cake. 

On the converse side, an engrossed design in the blog for any growing company it tends to improve engagement with their wider audience is that the chipper way to connect such a less budget.

Thereby individual bloggers and market owners are the reason they stick with a beautiful blog.

Deliberately design to any blog by using of concerted the theme and page builders together they did not ever draw even a line how they will cling it.

We get around two ways hereby that will be helpful for you to stay forefronts compare to your competitors for building a formidable blog and allows you to receive your products related feedback from customers as well as an explicit engagement from customer’s sides.


To shape and put in your canvas the exceptional killers looks out of the monotonies blog design trends.

Premium theme- a premium versions theme has predominant characteristics as it could act the way you wants to spiral your threads, YES!

However, compare to a free theme there are several modules kept off for users to use but on a premiums theme, it allows users to bring a new fascinated look which cannot be a free theme put that level of colours.

For using a corporations website or a personal blog to bring the shape like adroit we recommend you to go with.


Generatepress- Generatepress work very smoothly other than available theme into markets.

Since the user perceptions, it used to get sniffed as convenient for the reading of your blog and users engagement better on experience.

Generatepress is the only multi-usage template, that you could be synthesis from it a commendable landing page, as well as a feasible header and many more.

To constrain of your blog a tights generous presence into markets that could collide your contenders, as well as meet to what are you expected from it, which will be possible then by installing perfects themes. 

Why you should pick up the generateprees over others?

To Trimming every portion of the blog and get the desired colours it needs a lot of plugins.

If so and soon you would timid by hustling lots of coding overall may not that sure how long that will be endured.

May In half on the way can be impounds that cause intermittent slow of a speed anything such, nobody that will not prefer the pandemics.

But the good news is generateprss do not going to put your way any irresponsible step that hurt your sites.

Speed and weights– Generatepress is enshrouded in ultra-thin with mist code that allows loading your site with blaze speed don’t sure? Pondering off Hosting is the only factors that could regulate a brimming speed to your blogs, there you will consecutively be required in a solid collaboration of optimal theme that set with a very lightweight of codes in that positions generatepress make sure it, you could have everything best out of it.


Multi usage– A theme sets off the thousands of downloads then when it built for users in minds not for playing purpose merely that has not been going into your favours,Generatepress was compatible with all kind of WordPress website and plug-in,

Unlike others theme of severability could be the sense in a way during the test with Varity of plugin and platforms for a test drive to scout actually products doing well and giving maximum its best or not, generatepress no need separate identification to what plugin was identical or not.


it is equipped with hooking for unknowns-To fly for a human soon after all wearing an outfit like birds speared up the wings into the air.

you can pretend to look like with a solid father and few months of dedicated practice to heaving and a few flapping into the air you will end up at least a fighter falcon? You do clone its look, but the vivid competence would not, Don’t you yet fly into soar? HA! HA! HA! A wing can’t propel you to get fly into the airs like birds.

You need a human-made horsepower added engine that could impale you to fly as if a bird into any dimensions.

The same way a WordPress theme needed to equipped like a super-powerful engine that could wind of your audience visions from reflective things instead drag their sights along with it.

Blog to fly and float into air and get passing the fluff of fractionated clouds bump, it should be set on thrust vectoring technology like a jet plane whenever it needs that could be condensed by tune up the speed equally your generatepress theme make sure to allow all modules with all kind of codes and super handy widget also CSS that could empower your blogs,

in case any turbulence in blog turn on or off even reverse through the entire modules, like produce and reduce the thrust of the engine of your blog. buy it now

How to install the generatepress.?

By the time you are driving over this article as successively reading this throughout.

It can stir up the consciousness of yours beloving sites to be done with this. May sense it many of you,?

If you would have pulled through on how to set up a beautiful template, but how?

Which was kind of tangled in a rush without tried to substantiate how to do it properly.

To induct genepratepress into your blog for grooming, hence you think of the need to hermit your blog for extra purification or need a filtration process,?

if it could have supposed to conflicts with the others plugging or any staff.?

Did it ever have caused uninstalled any plug by any technical glitch, also in WordPress will it create any problem anymore, let’s head on the nitty-gritty below?



Open your WordPress theme and right behind the search box put the name of generatepress and there you go.

You will be having to has there a set of templates but mount up the right one before hitting the installations and activations is come from a sense of urgency.

Below the picture expounding right like that if you would download it and as waiting for hit the active buttons do it promptly.

I sense it many of you would have been pulled through, in a rush without tried to substantiate the importance of paid theme and free theme.



In a moment, I supposed to you have come to check the generatepress template if you desire to have to purchase this out then adhere the “GET IT NO” May you up to on way for next phase.

As of this popular template are leveraging its charms across the popular blogs in blogging spears 50,000+ ease customers.

Let’s not be as surprised that priced are too costly? Instead, any of you can afford this and behind it all, you will have the advantages of unlimited usages.

Buy it now

Hence! After adding it within your cart be ready to pay them through any of available payment getaway before forewarn more how to constellate your custom data sets there for here you have the instructions.

Email address as simple as you use to do to transpire your daily talked with your audience by it.

First name and user name both are different from its actual purpose and served, name refer as your name a full widths name.

While a name matters at joining any individual’s platforms they asked for a unique name identity only be kickable by yours, Passwords your firewalls prohibiting from using this any others. BUY IT NOW



After purchasing it you have to download the plugging “GP PREMIUM ZIP” versions in order for installing it return as your theme into the blog or websites.

The attributive rathers sort of funny why? this was available in the form of customs plugin, which has to be upload at eventually to WordPress plugin sections to apply the theme full devotions.

After including the chunk into your plugin now the time is to activate plugins and get the fun from a high-end theme.


Wait! Wait! Before we get rattling of the functionality to this novel theme fully we have to set up the activations code or licence code into the update portions for peering your exact template with the right accounts.

Below on pictures shown off, in update area put up your activations code and save this to get all modules access.

A Page builders Best way to Design A Blog.

To decorate a blog meticulously only a premium theme are not liable one, as equally a page builder’s do too!

Choosing the page builders like Divi and thrive architects, they were quite sceptical for users perspective but after it had raised, building a page or any design has drastically taken overt, which dashed the history of early heavy coding skill demands for building a website.

Elementors 2.0 are having equipped with the ability of page building as well as it can certainly take over your website design foundations, once you fret for it cannot be surmountable through a page builder.

To unfold the deluge features in elementor lets head after this.

Why you should choose an elementors over others page builders. ?

Once the site fabrications were meant by got you climbed on the undulating hills after crossing rough terrain, each layer they need to be inflated off with solid plasters of coding knowledge,

Which is deemed for an aspirational non-seasoned of a techy guy quite dummy to be insistent by the lack of coding skills that precludes others from making such a beautiful website?

That unwholesome era has gone with taking its weed of coding skills needed in orders for making an attractive site.

While thrive and divi builders have once ruled the website design aspects majorly, the unprecedented move by elementor on recent into the markets which shaking others to playing the game of king and ministers cards as Shackled.

The way elementors giving a lot of constituents into their free versions that being just unspeakable, 

therefore it is easy for learning approaches and as it will beneficial for them customers acquisitions will be well as they could have pre-aware with this identical page builders until they seemed it without any one of helps they can design a blog. I will below going to put a brief demonstration of how elementors works.

Before we get into drive this what you should undertake as a memoir of their accessibility.


FAQ1- How easy elementors in usability terms?

Nobody has ever been talking with that usability terms in conclusions.

As it supposed going to rely upon the entire website design through a page builder unless your misadventures actions that making you a serious incisive problem with the sites.

If you would facing consistent problem while using it is should be distinguished as usability pretty much downgraded.

On the odds, you are having stayed in any craziest situation that instigated you to buy any of these, in a while you may be repented from it nothing can be worse than that.

Otherwise, elementor itself just hit the dammed usability parameters from its benchmark since the lineage.

FAQ2-How many free blocks with elements, they provide with free versions?

Oceans we all are being enjoyed once a been, as we unilaterally using it’s from the shore to bottom and ripple giving all of us something anew to explore for scenic moments, as a bloggers you may go after to taking it a free space for your hidden inspiration to jot on the form of writing sources and courage,

As per the others, they love to see oceans beside at deluges of birds a verity of genera, including its tide and ebb,

The elder’s couples who love to enjoy the coming ambient breeze that blowing from the oceans which cherish together, young adolescent optimistic to jumps on the gushing sands.

In other words, underwater divers who went down to take for a drive-in below the surface in the water they are possibly in a purpose to experiments’.

While For a normal Fishermen’s with a torn nets it solely could afford his family by hunting the fish from sea or oceans,

but a Profesional hunter of the sea they look for something else the lavish pearl even any more out of the blue they need a net to take through below surface for such hunts, rather not a hook to lore like a fresh, the ocean’s habitat tend to shape in different makeup with the versatile colours The oceans could attain your informal needs. As the same a elementors could do too!

As Explosions of Varity creatures you can’t remember as you get a handful of colours for memorizations, people would go down every now and then a handful of things they get captured behind dippers of the ocean.

Mindlessly frolicking at every corner of oceans for the pearls you will only get overwhelmed with habitats that look the same but not generalized the pearls.

The oceans poured down our several demands in several forms.

The similar prospectus you could expect with the tools you will get up with allots of free blocks that end up useful and few are design confined that no need the nets to hooks.

Unlike others, elementors just smashed up a couple of free essential elements combination unveiled that would allow you and me to draw beautiful architectures in our sites without having been a premiums elementors package.

FAQ3-Elementors support after and before purchasing?

More often than not a question that STRIKES how the quantum of supports pay into yours favours of using their tools, you can itself undergo of their free service FOR quick experiences.


How to install elementors?

Since the precede and now it has been crossed approx 4 million downloaded for WORDPRESS site.

Don’t you yet believe me?

Elementor could configure any of your preferred design smoothly without making any high level of compromise.

To install the elementors need to get into your WordPress dashboard next after should be getting on the way of the plug-in box and next ADD NEW and then look for elementors and poke at the install buttons for a page builders experience.

It can be a bit tricky to apprehends following interpretations of scriptures and work accord to that’s.

Let’s replicate for a better working view.

While you had opened and comprising the name one in the box for SEARCH PLUGIN as it above was exactly showing get the plug-in, it needs to take out from the clumsy mob to a plug-in rabbit hole.

I already installed in my WordPress thereby displaying the plug-in in the form of active.

How to design your blog through elementors.

EVERY successful blog had a solid staggered design on the early ground from one inception they collectively and steadily fostered by consuming their impurity over time.

How, let me give you a short ironical explanation, before beginning the popular of your blog you oblivious and unscenic with the blog design a longer until you received maximum traffic flow towards your sites.


Till after you no longer wait to users see and lingers that on minds the shit!

It’s had emphasized the conclusion of sites history in previous; in presents here, you will be only going for a break any profound harden benchmark on any phase of web sites designs.

While the company providing free even with a little dime in exchange serve everything as a great example of the group by tools.

Your serious design starts with since this stage right on the dashboard with stick a bunches of elements could be your personal knob that helps strengthen your blogs guts design mussel with the filters behind the pictures showing.


Design your landing page and blocks.

It’s almost expected trait that one wants once to be fitted with their blogs as a substitute to the homepage, around few years till it thought to a something lavish template that has cost more than your blog,

After jolting from the renowned company regarding that sort of readymade landing page selling had considered unaffordable, while elementors CRUSH  a couple of free templates that you could modify according to your way use through your dashboards editing hammer and cutlery.

Hence, letting others download and allowing for using in case that expedite up their blog looks better eventually serve on their ends which considers giving them massive liberty on the conditions for landing page making and abiding by their needs, which has made unprevalent the selling of landing page from a company.


May of you often look for the individuals’ block layout that once primarily needed to be configured into your prepared contents something as an example any contact box any information and photo products price etc.

That located right behind the rack of two intact round shape for you to the row usability.

On below the pictures, it shows on three options each of these has been dedicated to different functionality.


 A lot of others technicality has been concealed within the tools that are left for explored,

as presumably if you wanted to make any individual post then you need at the beginning the heading it clearly expressed on pictures through a red shield and thereafter all you have to inject it onto the plus bottom on the dashboard by drenching with a squeeze.

if you really wanted to learn more about the page building use through this amazing tool here you have a video which you could pursue to solve your desigen.



On the designing phase, many people did the mistake of they affine up things which makes up redundant that causes their site more depredations and congestive for users to loading site up until they install a solid hosting that will handle their site.

An Elegance Design could not determine the worst contents values in contrast, a beautiful content can’t define by an improper blog design.

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