google adsense disapprove

Google Adsense Disapproved: 19 Unknown Reason May It Cause.(Beginners Guide)

google adsense disapprove

Google Adsense Is the number one contextual based ad networks that are powered the monetization more than half of the existing in internet spheres blogs and website, but your google Adsense disapproved: May 19 unknown reason can turn out that governs.

But, in recent few years’ Adsense terms and conditions are super rugged be.

That need now more value-oriented stuff rather than problem-solving materials ever before.

Every blogger was dreamt up to this to be received Adsense approves into their blogs but thousands of bloggers every day gotta rejected by behalf on AdSense.

Why, because they deceive with AdSense ads polices and principals, the more you will play the deceptions more you will face of rejections and thousands of others factors induce the rejections lets know what that was?

Before beginning the context lets wade through one by one, what makes Google AdSense so popular?

Adsense leveraging many full-time bloggers through its monetization process the livelihoods since they still stands with adsense. And, acknowledged that before affiliate marketing they earned hugs benefits by aggressively brings lots of traffics.

The reliability that source, because they gained popularity through, believe and authority in markets and real-time money payments that made them ultimate winners in the rivalry.

  •  Adsense payout very well.

You may be using some others ads network, can experience about to payout pretty low, they showcasing before applying their ads network the payout pretty optimal, when it comes to the equation it may fractious for you choose the AdSense over other ads networks. 

  • Adsense payment records.

Adsense had a very reputable track record, The amounts they pay for every customer and traffics are more betters and worthy and has the legitimacy.

  •  Trustworthiness.

You roll the boll of working in right centres, you can expect a same prominent return of your hard-working, on this aspect Adsense insistently never made abject with anyone such money-related issue, that’s why Adsense is most specify ads networkers with whom most newbie bloggers want to go with.

Google adsense disapproved:Direct causes

Let me be clear in here the directly effecting phrase that AdSense may not be bothered any of this intervene issue below which I have mentioned or furthermore.

While you are hoping for AdSense approval be Check as soon as possible and go up as per requirements its needs for AdSense approval.

with your blogs almost made it easier as masseurs by quotes, throughout prefers transparency and net blogging practice will not allow any subtle mediocre or any twist can be wind up your accounts for permanently.

Improper website design

What do the meant by improper website design?

The magnitude of a website should be maintained a net you just transcend that parameters, in a nutshell, that unhandy could not be bothered whether the search engine bots or AdSense crawlers or any human presence.

The entity one could not you should stipulate inevitably,

 Otherwise, you could invariably Encounter the rejection of AdSense ends.

Many of you have written a pretty good but in some cases, the few spectrums were work as unimportant that you should be decluttered.

 For example, you set the email box inside of any vital content or cramming with the widget, that consuming the UX users interface wear on you may feel boasting that made such a good job.

 But, ultimate that not the justice for your labours hard work or the hustle that you compile from various outscores of corporations since moils and toils for it a lot. 

Improper content structure.

I have visited so many blogs that have gotta rejected from Adsense by the request of buddy bloggers.

 All they have been had the major issue into the content they were did not use any sort paragraph that can be taken the eye bolls of users and look alike the tone fully content of a context write in just one head to head.

Many of have slight differ issue that gone flicked from exacted definitions and sake of just fill up the content box on a crazy way, 

wherever requirement around 200-300 word they have extended the paragraph so lengthier that must to aware upon while you are crafting content.

Few of even did not know how to start writing by resonating from others earn money from blogging, they leapt into the blogging.

Among many of those Adsense, rejected bloggers have written with a simple clause but, unable to integrate with where that is inevitable. 


Improper background of the site.

Just imagine you are visiting a site for any content if the content flatted out in a position where there nothing could you have able trace what heck they want from their blogs.

Which blogs did this by making the background colours deep greens or yellow and set up the text colours red or white, it is not alienable together a perfect match and not effective for readers.

 before determinate your AdSense bots or manually checking team they landed a wrong inferior blog must adjust your blog background colours a suitable that could to validate your claims AdSense approval possibility.


Improper navigation of the site.

You may underwent ever in such an event when you just scroll down and up the page did not found the menu or any categories or archives page proximately.

By the angry you left the website with you will not be ever visited, does not even bring it within the mind to return.

The same thing happens with me repeated time back then but thanks to now the website owners understand the importance and availability of breadcrumbs, it quickly navigates a site.

But those sites still stuck without proper navigations may be prone to cursed by Adsense rejection or audience.


Poor content quality.

Content that has not made off any touched or opened by visitors which is indicated to lack of freshness.

In additions, before making your site reject from Google ends skim every content with grammatical mistake it must be unique and embellish and could entice the visitors.

Did put essential things that keep the audience viable to open your content!

Many more things herein should do to succeed in the phases, From headline to a conclusion, You must pay rigorous attention to cut the fluff.

otherwise, may it chances to fizzle You entire content badly.

Writing Your best and tinkering for a better solution that does not overlap Your true potential in such context aspects.

Before, Much of your surprise engulfed these two traits and write a more ultra better solution from head to footers.

Irrigate it into as much as you could the modern solution and ditch the outdated one, which can be creepy, so it can imply from outside full of wet, also swabbing it on the exact problem as solution-oriented.

Thin content quality.

Thin content quality may be most reversed for AdSense rejection, 

How barely you did into put the text that words distribution can be going to define your ultimate content performance.

Waning the text is simply measures short-form answers or lack of knowledge on that context or May unwilling to write.

Often AdSense envisaged it not better for audience engagement,And does not approve the application?

Therefore, keep the ideal length of content within 1000-1500 words.

Why superior to keep the content length higher and strengthen?

For the decide of long term goal on any respective content leveraging the better ROI.

Keep it as much as you can include the available information prudently and keep its warmth by up to date on the frequent interval of time.


Less content issue.

This trait was major factors in founds most of the AdSense rejected blogs.

Why this was triggered in majorly stop to having the AdSense approval-

As the aspect when you did not exist a lot of content simply people will not come to your site, if it would then chance are frequents, all being via coming by the help of social media.

Over the time when your content will available in the search engine or and the massive or sub-massive traffic will be poured to your blog then chances are better here you can receive the approval pretty quick.

But I’m going far beyond, in a rule of thumbs you should at least required 15-18 full-fledged, in-depth content not look good from outside but simultaneously it must be tech, providing a complacent onto their problems. 

Relentlessly updating with super valuable content into your blogs gives you an outmost advantage for Adsense approval.

How, when Google specialist team will come to your site they check at your every content detail and when you did not have sufficient content, this is signalling Google you are new in blogging, try to hard work around 2-3 months.

Less traffic.

You did not receive any such traffic, then you should not make the mistake about to tended your applications form to the Adsense authority.

Why because they will get the one excuse to reject your applications.

Why I’m saying this because I once suffer the issue with one of my client blogs,

it was just 6 to 7 hours time span, they deliver it as unacceptable causes not been abiding by their rules.

The conjuring events went on around 15 days after they cleared it my blog was not converging the optimal traffic that what it was needed for.

Tantalizations hiked when my blog traffic dazzling after being creating it 15 days and after 15-day later, we decide to apply for the AdSense, because we hate the rejections but we missed the baseline and apply for the AdSense before our decided timetable.

Less than 15 days before it shows me not any single reasons, that gave me the knowledge they use here some bots or any automation for surveillance and spying any site upon their traffic counts.

Illegal content creation.

By the way, generating useful content consistently and earning from AdSense nothing can best than this ,But wait! Be sure what kind of content should be rolled?

Avoid the bang, in other words, scrap the idea of illegal content like Arsenal demonstrate and sell and drugs-related content inclusive adulthood many more.

 What is the problem with this niche when the traffic is ample?

Adsense a transparent and very trustworthy network it may wish not to lose that reputation by any of one so they want you to comply with that principles that (They rule out so far now in their blog.)

 Now come into the theory, dozens of entry-level bloggers choose the methods of being getting free traffic by enticing niches.

it can hang your fate on the hand of Google as well as if you would use the Blogspot to promote your illegal content it may chance are there could be banned permanently Blogspot blog also your AdSense.


Using a 3rd party site for bringing the traffic.

You may hear that people using a trick to improve their subscriber’s, followers, likes, share what’s not?

Now the trends here they for this relying on 3rd party site to bring traffic, rather they spent money than they earn on the internet to bring traffic to their Blogs.

Quite amusing although!I knew here a vast of them, who cringe with the traffic issue as well as less income than the jump to it as upholding it for their initial traffic.

But, problem here Google specialist team in AdSense can spot the traffic root, they would strictly impede you to getting AdSense approved.


Using same Gmail account twice for AdSense approvals.

Using the same account may be getting your twice AdSense account permission will not Let work to your favour.

You can not bother it, except if You would not wittingly aware with that.

Google strictly here so much, one user can only access one account with being integrated multiple websites.

Whereas, one website cannot get permission to integrate with multiple AdSense accounts once it was active with one AdSense and live the ads.


AdSense permitting language.

It may be one implication of your website or Blogs doomed as grinding in its levers.

Google clarifies it on their Blog, what language you should be used to having your AdSense permit accounts.

Luckily our laving language Hindi and bangle out of it in this list for a few years now.

Nevertheless, several languages not supported by Google AdSense where only the default language has been English or your preferred languages. 

Did not enable the about, contact Privacy-policy, disclaimers page. 

These four pages are highly relevant for AdSense approval.

Let’s assume if You are reading any information and want to some modification in a form of correction on that content, right after the bat you can contact the site owners for further modifications.

Or can walk through who run the sites and Read their Privacy policy.

How to create a Privacy policy page, about us, contact us pages?

By the help of several free websites exist on the internet, which can help you to create your all these pages.

Google adsense disapproved : Indirect causes-

Time to time AdSense specialist team, if anything would found in any indirect effect in your site that influence or responsible for any sites bug they will ignore your site to get approval.

Google now vindictive the wrong with the sites but often they were are the below 6 exerts can be caused your site disapproved.

Poor themes using.

Poor theme using is the number one causes of these principles.

now Google is updating their algorithm regularly with religious manner.They outlined sites owner for improved mobile usability must be smoother compare to the desktop version.

But here it has the problems of still many themes have been loading the desktop version in mobile.

There is a better chance it may create a mobile users experience badly, one word sooner those sites will pitfalls in a downer and ousted if they were not changed this theme.

We recommend You for getting AdSense approval process it applies also the same rules.

so be cunning and stop your site to get lingered over for open alike forever for the mobile version.

 Take some best theme for mobile adjustment and better at loading time with a to z features.

Bounce-rate high.

Bounce rate a matrix upon that you could prophesy a website present and how a website doing in SERP, google analytics the beautiful tools created by google you can combine it with your existing site with this and check many vital stats as well as bounce rate or we also know it dwells time.

if you would have had a high bounce rate may chance it has a sucks with site.

Bounce rate may signal that could expound toward the specialist team that your site may have any such issue which springs down the engagements of visitors and something that blocked the courtesy of site content thereby bounce rate increased.

 It safe to say google specialist team cannot follow this but they may have the better automation for catching this from your site that may not deserve to get AdSense approved.  

Iow site speed/loading time.

Low Site loading speed has two cons on flips of two sides in coins!

How? low site speed maybe not anybody tolerate not even me, they are just emulating as your second home called blogs, ultimately it does work a feed of users those who hardly want any things.

 In essence, true blogger enthusiast are wanted a packed of high volume speed in sites, also Google does love the same criteria to eligible any sites in rank, which have ability load within a seconds.

 You may ponder how would sort this out from your site 

It’s not surmountable to touched that benchmark I suggest to take A2 HOSTING and enjoy also fully speed that must not be containing any footprints inclusive any kind of crabbing within the mind of visitors regarding the slow loading rather users will get very astonishing by reading content are, site speed is pretty awkward for if you are being new in the blogging arena.

 It will also help you reduce your bounce rate while anyone attempting to open your blogs from any ends,

Using sub-domain of other sites,except Blogspot.

Using subdomain from others site will be not to going your favours in orders to you get Adsense acceptance. 

Subdomain still presents in so many popular websites with the overarching majority of new website creators holding with this a couple of portions as trends.

It’s adroit if you would looking outskirt, out of every filthy platform except bloggers, I’m sure that was your best decisions ever.

Google Blogspot was my first choice when started.

to get better on initially don’t go with any platform if you want handsome money from blogging for initial kick stick with it. 

Using several third Part ads.

we are seemed trying our best to do to get AdSense approved but conversely did not abolish the temptations of others ads networks of earning. 

Made it easy with incessant, while you were not left to eradicate the redundant widget or any elements from your site, you held here as pre meditatively to standing out with 3rd party ads networks,.

which has rekindled your dormant hope for making money from the blog I know it from my experience.

Google wanted a fresh blog who had none of any ads network must not be integrated, in recent google understand the competitions ingrained at its peck so they has allowed mostly English blog publisher the exempt of using the 3rd party ads networks.

But, do not forget English publishers not solely using AdSense there are several other languages on which contributes its ads publishing facility.

In recent, one of my bangle blog faced the problems of did not get AdSense approval did not I even came to know, where the hell the problems coming and after pulling up all ads in a 3rd attempted its rendered my account as ready for AdSense ads showing.

 But what to do with this Google still not made any exempt for native publishers of using 3rd party ads before getting approval from its.

Nonetheless, any case has not yet surfaced out as an outcome of utilizing simultaneously the 3rd party ads in native bloggers blogs. 

I will suggest you do stop to showing others ads or affiliate banners until it made you approved for Adsense.

Copyright materials

Copyright materials whether it’s a form of content, video, pdf, sheets, photos or anything You are just using at a time but without giving any credit the original owner of it, That come under the copyright materials scams.

Someone else that should be definitely to think prudently about It.

Adsense choice those sites or blogs who has their style, shines and incisive voice not them who copying and pasting from elsewhere into their blogs by the sake of getting inside of the AdSense.

Newbie blogger is wrenching the copyright staffs explicitly, by overheard from others what they succeed by doing so.

Before You doing this directly take out materials from others pay Them appropriate credit.

neither, its stamped to AdSense specialist team for your blog all are fabricated and rigging by you simply stripped down the materials and sticking it through tiny nurturing with material.


maybe the concept of Adsense rejections causes are now cleared to you might be you more interested to take your AdSense earning on the next level?

the tips above, i shared more than you need any suggestions than this.
but do remembers in blogging its combined and collective efforts if one thing not going according to your way then don’t lose the hope, also do focused and complete at a time only one thing.

Remembers if you apprehend the root of the cause then you will be the ultimate winners because also you will know how to Unroot that causes.
at last, don’t forget to add your valuable feedback by the form of comments, shares and likes and do ask your questions and shares you experience more.

i believe in sharing is caring.

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