Resellerclub Hosting Review

Resellerclub Hosting Review: Reseller club India.

Resellerclub Hosting Review that’s what might cause you landed into here.

Without knowing a web hosting its capacity before you hosted your site any one of them, it can revolve like a Nightmare in broad light for you and able to make or break your blogging aspirations. 

There you may be tried so much so equating the best Indian web hosting from added each time the results are not having paired your intended baseline.

Then only best Resellerclub Hosting Review for you with unabated products range a mammoth wide angle of possibility to overgrow your plan as per requirements.

If you are fonder of blogging or love to website building and running any tinny sized company even any blogs then you have to consider the best hosting plans that’s what will be the foundations and strongly about to be held your frameworks of websites rather blogs.

As usually by a newbie bloggers wanted to launch their first blogs or a veteran marketers wants to have their site at no time to up into the internet arena then this Resellrclub India hosting review for them.   

Unlike the other Indian hosting companies ResellerClub only Indian company whose are serving with a burst of products ranges from an SSL to DEDICATED SERVER even SSD disk space. 

Resellerclub also comes with inbuilt several exciting features free of cost that had others hosting company imposed the additional money charges for getting benefited out of these into a website such as basics requirements  SSL, MIGIGARTIONS, DISK SPACE, many more.

In general, as reseller club took the fledge of fully competing with renewed international brands like GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost and many more.

Without further ado let’s jump right into this.


Plans provide by ResellerClub.[Resellerclub Hosting Review]

ResellerClub contains their bucket lists 5 kinds of hosting plans that you can be used for your site more benefits.

From outers, it seems just suggesting like a row hosting plans for segmented selling purpose.

Instead, they sell out domestic’s individual’s website hosting as well as domain registering service with other superiors services like VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and many more.

Their Hosting plans deemed one of best and cheapest and user friendly anyone could have ever availed as their hosting plans with several powerful features like CodeGuard and SiteLock even free lets SSL.

Consecutively their hosting performance towards users just could bust you away and used by millions of such bloggers and website owners, therefore, they are the top preference from many new level bloggers perspective would love to enjoy their service.

Irrespective of what was your requirement Linux or windows based hosting plans either have been available at their ends, as well as they also providing domains by a very cheap price.


Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows)

Shared hosting is a kind of hosting at a time several website or bloggers hosted using the same server for loading any sites that are a cost-effective way to hosted more site using one server.

Apart from beginner hustlers they might be studying or doing jobs side by side wanted to pursue their blogging and had a budgetary problem to seriously investing money into the blogging a considerable sum then Resellrclub hosting will be your favours forever.

There are a lot of sheared hosting providers existed into markets providing their hosting, one doubted impression often many users received from the sheared hosting how much quality can they sustain on longer periods meant how much can they stretch out.

On the hype from the hosting providers those enticing and engrossing features they are equipped with but in reality, they failed to reinstate that all sort of traits since then you would have had possibility to keep you Exposed in real possibility threats of upgrading the hosting plans. 

Almost Their serviceability and traffics that they might be able to bare let you know physically as owing to you undergone their hosting service.

Resellers club comes with the trust and transparency if that’s what you had been spending for you will be tested the test by that’s kinds of hosting experience.

They have 3 kinds of Linux plans presents for the users.

resellerclub Shared Hosting Linux


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Windows Shared Hosting:

Windows and Linux shared hosting are having some deviations between them yet both sheared the same characteristic as able to host a couple of sites using the same servers.

Thus, upon it’s a choice of people wanted to load their sites or blogs using Microsoft’s elements, in terms of windows shared hosting higher in cost but envisioned better in experience than Linux versions.

ResellerClub Windows Shared Hosting

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WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting nothing rather designed for WordPress users keeps in minds and calibrated or manifested about the traffics loads with the price tags as well as pre-installed popular (CMS) WordPress and some WordPress applications.

ResellerClub WordPress hosting as primarily provided some extra by leading extensive features than the competitors in terms of storage and security.

Its WordPress has been stayed optimized from for security, speed, backups, and updates of WordPress as well as protections from brute sites attackers.  

Apart from, the popular (CDN) Cloudflare security has been embedded with your WordPress hosting for all-time protection from emerging online serious threat.

The more advantages a user could have while accessing the reseller clubs WordPress hosting the CodeGuard and SiteLock tools that maintain your sites by automatic backups, daily monitoring, whereas the SiteLock inclining for protection like malware attacks, DDOS, FTP SCANS, liable elements that warn your sites weakens will trim that down.

resellerclubs WordPress Hosting

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Cloud Hosting:

ResellerClub also comes with cloud hosting plans as because if you would visioning to do work with any such projects where will be the major focus of maximum uptime, dedicated IP address, high ends resources to activate the website 24/7 then this hosting work better than the traditional hosting plans.

Why cloud hosting is fasters than any others hosting as because this kind of hosting using several servers to stable the connections of the website upon any situations in case if one server failed to start another substitute will be ready at your end to run your sites.

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting

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VPS Hosting:

If you are being worked into something any sites in which the traffic loads significantly not has been spiked any longer but not sure occasionally it may jumble up massive traffic loads then you have the potent in more keep your site separate from the same server which rest of websites owners has been using the same time.

While others users hosted at same severs into shared hosting the cost will be lesser at the same time cautions will be higher as because the space for your sites getting less, but it create uncertainty and enshrouded in short if it would be doubling down the traffics into your sites but involuntarily not having optimum resources or space for that traffics to handle then your site will go down or crashed.

ResellerClub VPS servers then come into the pictures it creates a subtle difference than rest of the hosting providers out there.

A user perception VPS hosting should be equipped more automatic and precision so without many efforts of users it could bother any higher numbers of traffics that’s why they designated Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) a system can work effortlessly without your worry.

VPS Hosting ResellerClub

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Dedicated Server:

Dedicated servers are considered one of the most powerful hosting packages ever, why because they are up to control under one user and administrative will have been no funk of sudden crashed on high rise traffics ends.

 And an ample amount of resource will have been allotment where there no questions of cavities.

Resellerclubs hosting provided A bundle of best from lower to higher packs which have to become tuned for you can pick that up.

ResellerClub Dedicated Server

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The data centre of ResellerClub. 

The data centre is the heart of a hosting company without it you are not going to host your sites as such as your hearts without it you can’t live a minute.

Majority of newbie bloggers made the mistake at their beginning points of choice up with a wrong data centre which ultimately affects their blogs or sites and loading time for opening any site wherever most required.

Apart from this hosting company facilitate in its users from different data centres to host their sites as per their needs.

Collectively, Resellrclub US data centre are that consider major powerhouse to supply the data through 17 strong fibre- optic cables which capable to handle any loads of out there the data.

Nevertheless, the company has been constellating above one more data centre to reduce the loads upcoming times.

To reinstate the infrastructures of data centre they get on with United Kingdom, Turkey, and India & Hong Kong to reduce the pressures of traffics loads from continentals as well as seek to improve the web site and blogs loading time.


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Billing practice of Resellerclub.

Out there was an inhabitant of many hosting companies which is generally considered are at the inceptions phase made upset their users from getting their service?

Many of you knew that how they pulled the customers into their traps by showing a hugs money off package available.

They give you unpredictable exemptions if you would buy their hosting plans for a lengthier period at least for 3 or 4 years, otherwise, the enticed price tags dazzled down on you by the form of price tags.

ResellerClub never used to be done with that kind of playing chit-chats exceptions a little few amounts in a few occasions.

This kind of billing practice unfolded different perspective towards users that vital practice for a hosting company should not do that.

resellerclub hosting


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Supports of ResellerClub.

A supports from hosting company also playing very vital roles to buy or avoids that company.

In general, under this normal budget Plans the reseller clubs you could hold that and nobody can beat the reseller club hosting at this stage.  

Relatively, their supporting systems very much convenient, since on every segmented portion they having dedicated automation or company to customer’s direct phone calling support systems and many varieties of supporting a facility that lay on grounds for defecting any problems before it spurs on.  

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Live Support- live.

Live chat supports comes while any presently brief information’s has been required or any such minor supports need to solve the problems you can then go with the live chat supports.

After landing the sites you will get to see right bellow the corners a segmented box will appear you have to provide them basic customs details before they will come ahead to help you appropriately.

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Ticketing system.

Ticketing systems kind of systems when none of the faults has affected outer wears instead just it has to be work upon with technically the parameters of the inner in orders to solve the bugs from it.

A mammoth supporting system had been placed by the company if you have been such need your concern to wiped out from the hosting just take their supporting tickets.

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Knowledge Base.

Knowledgebase supporting benefits we all know as long as we are being into the online worlds.

The company set out a separate chart of knowledge base problems panels wherein you could be abiding by in shorts any incessant problems got tickled your hosting.

A couple of minimalistic pages that set out with helping articles if that was your case does pursue them.

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Phone calling supports.

Phone calling supports from much Indian hosting company not that’s many extents of active.

In other words, ResellerClub’s strictly outlined their 3 numbers to supports exiting users and non-existing users as well.

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Real users’ experience with ResellerClub.

the truth can not be hidden off or swept away that’s why a real-life experience more powerful and a few positive reviews unbiased voice itself self-explanatory should you buy or not the hostings. 

they come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. You’re using real people to show success in your product or service

resellerclub hosting


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Experience of real-life users:1

Real users’ experience with ResellerClub


Experience of real-life users:2 [Netherlands]

Experience of real-life users:3 [France]

Experience of real-life users

Experience of real-life users:4 [united state]

Experience of real-life users


Experience of real-life users:5 [united kingdoms]

Experience of real-life users5

Experience of real-life users:6 [india]
Experience of real-life users


Experience of real-life users:7 [india]
Experience of real-life users


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Final thoughts-

Are you wanted to kick out your journey into blogging the blogging then that will be the best decisions you could imagine?


Don’t we delude like other bloggers, we recommend to start ResellerClub’s WordPress STARTER LITE plan that capable of 25,000/m traffics loads.


As a novice 25,000 traffics monthly an optimal for you, out of that if your targeting to any sneak peeks vast niches without any worry you go by.

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